Best hotel on a beautiful beach 

We arrived in Hyatt Da Nang and walking into the lobby we’re happy to re encounter the beautiful exposition of photographer Rehahn, love it when a hotel includes art&photography! Super friendly staff in the shop and bought many beautiful souvenirs there.

Our Ocean view room was surprisingly big, modern and light colors. Bigger than in the websites pictures! We recommend the Ocean view room, definitely the best view and a wide balcony with a relaxing day bed. Excellent room design, showering overlooking the ocean! Room must be designed by a lady architect: it’s got a big cabinet for your luggage, absolutely top.

For the breakfast, your choices are excellent. It can be very busy, but staff is super friendly and helpfull here too. After a few times they recognised us and brought us fresh cappuccino and eggs. One time a pizza wasn’t up to standard (only one dish in a week holiday!!) and they replaced it without any discussion. Big thank you for your kind service. Any issue can occur in a hotel, we are all human beings and can’t control all circumstances. But when resolved quickly and smoothly, I suppose it makes us even móre satisfied than we already were!

Big compliments to the chefs baking the fresh and crispy breads, buns and delicious scrambled eggs. Bakers in Paris: eat your heart out. Fresh juices are good, sweet bakery has a fine selection daily, hard to resist. All with fresh Swiss cream and fruit. Super choice of fresh tropical fruits, cut fresh. Can not get any better than this. So loved the Kimchi soup! The fresh herbal juices. Great to switch regional dishes when you’re staying longer.

Dinner is nice in the Italian resto, we also tried the buffet with BBQ. Loved the Vietnamese delicate salads, fresh veggies and grilled dishes. Here also Vietnamese spring rolls, nice sweet deserts too. 

Beach front is super relaxing, good menu for a nice lunch at the pool. Got addicted to Vietnamese Coco Coffee, yummie! Lunch varies from sandwich to Vietnamese buns, very nice choice and all very tasteful.

If there’s one thing we will always remember is the kind staff of the poolside. Always cleaning, bringing toys, making sure everything is neat. They watch the kids at the pool carefully and I’ve seen them plucking a kid out of the water. Loved how all kids from Vietnam, Korea, Singapore and Netherlands played all together with great fun. Wish the world to follow their example. It also says something abt the kind and friendly guests who stay in this hotel.

Beach front has a nice fresh breeze, sea water was cold in March, but the pool had a nice temperature.

Kids club is a bit small but staff very kind and always comes up with creative activities. Our daughter loved painting!

It’s about 20 min by car to the night market and day market. We loved strolling around. It’s safe and great fun going for some shopping and just looking around, watching people. Bought some very nice hats, bags and a wallet. 

We loved having a drink at the beach around the little cafes and restaurants (went by taxi, too far to walk). 

Vietnamese elegance, fresh hotel, nice beach front. Super delicious breakfast and nice Vietnamese lunch and good Italian dinner.

Small recommendations to staff: we do recommend for some of the reception staff to be trained in English (few are super good). Some requests to staff, more mineral water in the room for example, had to be repeated daily.
We requested softer mattrasses and within an hour our daughter and myself got top matrasses and an extra duvet to lay down on. Slept like a rose!

Big, big thank you and compliments for our wonderful stay in Da Nang, we LOVED it!!!
Couldn’t be better!

A few weeks later, at home, our daughter (4) said. Mum, are we going back to Vietnam? Why? I asked. She said: I want to go kayaking again in Ha Long Bay. And I want to play with the kids in the pool. The kids were so nice in Vietnam…

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