Why choose Seaside Finolhu, thé Luxury-, Sand Bank- and manta ray paradise in Baa atoll?

  1. Shape & Location
    The shape of this Island is so unique, it’s amazing. Finolhu Resort is a five star high end Luxury resort, and not yet well known. Let’s keep it that way.
    On one side, Finolhu resort has a rich house reef. Plenty of black, white, yellow fishes. Not one or too, no, here you find schools of fish like in the past in the Maldives. O yes, you’re snorkeling in an aquarium. Welcome, this is why you go to the Baa atol. On the other side of this island, there is a sand bank. The unique shape, the colors of white and turquoise, took my breath away and made my eyes addicted. On this pretty sand bank, there is the restaurant Beach Shack. The friendly staff drops you off by local Dhoni boat, there are fresh drinks and a deliciously fresh lunch waiting for you. O hello, Paradise!
  2. Hanifaru Bay- Hanifary Bay is a small bay in the Baa Atol. A 30 minutes flight from Male by sea plane. When you travel all the way to Finolhu Resort, you háve to snorkel in this bay, and if your Karma is good, you will encounter Manta Rays. You are assisted by the passionate Watersports & Dive Manager Tiago from Portugal. He gives a top notch lesson and instructions about Hanifaru Bay, the manta rays and the excursion before departure. When you think passion for marine life, Tiago is the one. Never have I seen such a clean and fresh Dive Centre, with the best snorkeling shirts (Sharkskin) and new high quality snorkel sets available for all in house guests. My compliments! The trip to Hanifaru was one not to be missed. But I will tell you later about that.
  3. Culinary excellence – where the Maldives are famous for delicious food, Finolhu is in my top list. A few persons make the difference here. First, there’s the team of Chefs. Second, there’s an extremely dedicated GM. The chefs originate from Indonesia, Maldives, Italy, you name it. So, when there’s an Asian buffet: I tell you honestly, you eat Nasi Goreng like in Bali. And after 27 visits to Bali, I know. GM Marc gives his team full freedom to buy fresh ingredients and all fresh spices to cook with. And there we see the result. Our dinner at the Kanusan, the Japanese, over water restaurant with sea view was a night never-ever to forget. The friendly staff, the kind suggestions on the dishes we should try, this dinner was top notch!
  4. The Staff – the friendliness, hospitality, kindness, fun, passion for guests, sea life, this Team is amazing. There are too many names, but the Front Desk, Beach Club staff, Crab Shack, Kanusan, the buggies. The friendly talks, the fun in the rain, the joy when we saw the eagle rays under our bridge.
  5. The Design – it can not be missed: the design of the Lagoon Villa is my favorite. It’s probably one of the most beautiful over Water Villas I’ve ever stayed in. Why? It starts with the floor plan, open, spacious. The main colors are white and Turquoise. Delicious coffee in our room. The veranda, there we go. A big Lounge area, sun loungers and an outside shower. I love outside showers! Our staircase leads us straight into the sea. Put on your snorkel, and there you go. From the moment you open your eyes, you see turquoise waters and afar, the famous Sandbank.
  6. As a Bonus: The Beach Bubble Experience!
    Imagine, you’re going to pop the question and you would like to surprise your girl friend/boy friend.
    Or… you’re going on a honeymoon and you want to book a dinner and night that will be for ever unforgettably romantic.
    For couples who are looking for an anniversary surprise, to fire up the romance, to have a full island Private Luxury Experience…
    I found and will book for you: a night in the Beach Bubble.

With your Private Butler, your private dinner under the stars and breakfast on your own little island with the longest white sand bank you can imagine.

Yes, that’s the Surprise of Finolhu Resort.
And it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen in the whole of the Maldives.

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